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5 November 2018

House dogs: what are they and how to find their way around?

We often live in the apartment but the desire to have a dog on our side that shares with us the days remains so much: hence […]
30 October 2018

The healing power of dogs

In this article we will talk about the healing power of dogs; even science, in fact, has shown that a simple cuddle to a dog, makes […]
23 October 2018

Dog coat: yes or no?

What is a dog coat? With the arrival of the cold season, we begin to feel the first humidity and shivers on our skin. So we […]
18 September 2018

Osteomyelitis in cats

The osteomyelitis in the cat is usually classified based on the pathogen present (bacterial or mycotic …), on the localization or on its duration (acute or […]