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23 October 2018
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The healing power of dogs

In this article we will talk about the healing power of dogs; even science, in fact, has shown that a simple cuddle to a dog, makes us feel much better immediately.

The healing power of dogs, the innate ability to improve people’s quality of life is real.

Dogs with their presence support those who suffer from problems that create emotional blocks; for example excessive shyness, but also more important behavioral pathologies such as high stress, panic attacks, agoraphobia or mental disorders.

When we talk about the healing power of dogs we do not mean that it can replace a traditional medical therapy, but this is accompanied by it gently, in order to improve and maybe speed up the healing processes.

Interacting, caressing, cuddling a dog or talking to him exactly like a real person who listens to us, but not from judgments … is a real panacea for the body and the mind.

At that juncture our body produces oxytocin, the hormone associated with love and feelings (the same hormone that occurs when we are in love). Blood pressure is then lowered, breathing is regularized and cortisol (stress hormone) levels fall.


Taking care of the good of a dog imposes a routine and a lifestyle for the master, a daily commitment both physical and mental. You have to go out in the open air for daily walks, it adapts itself to a company that is always present, so even the most introverted people practice, to interact with another presence.



Our fur assistants are employed in the field of pet therapy, to give comfort to people in need, psychological support to victims of natural disasters or more simply, to brighten up the days of elderly patients in a nursing home.

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