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18 July 2018
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Il mio cane scappa: come costruire un recinto per cani

How to build a dog enclosure

It could be useful for many to understand how to build a dog enclosure in order to avoid these unwanted exits and put a brake on behavior that, over time, can be very dangerous. A problem that dog owners often face is that of the unwanted escapes of their dogs.

Why does the dog run away?

come costruire un recinto per cani







The dog is a pack animal that owes all its physical survival and psychological well-being to belonging to a well-defined group. That’s why, when our dog starts to run away from home, this behavior seems abnormal and we remain somewhat disappointed.

We think we have some guilt and that the dog is not comfortable with us. Surely, in most cases, it is not so, but there is always a dog-owner relationship base that does not work at the base of an escape behavior.

What drives the dog to ask us how to build a dog enclosure?


The motivations that push the dog to run away from home can be very many.

  • Incorrect man-dog relationship. Lack of affection.
  • Solitude. The dog remains too many hours at home alone or is excluded from family life (dogs that always remain outside in the garden)
  • The dog is never taken out on a walk and is a dog that needs new stimulation and walking.
  • Bitches in heat. Presence in the vicinity of other bitches in heat. Some dogs are more sensitive than others to the presence of heats, regardless of whether they have ever had a breeding experience.
  • Bad habit learned. Sometimes, our dog is fine with us, loves us, the relationship that we have is correct, but simply learned that by jumping the fence or exiting the gate will be able to explore new territories in comfort, returning then back home.
  • Fear of storms / barrels that leads the dog to run away from home. Usually it happens only in conjunction with triggering events but over time they tend to generalize.

Whatever the internal motivation that drives the dog to escape, the problem is that once this type of behavior is established it is difficult to remove it unless specific training is used to solve this type of problem.

What do I need to build a dog enclosure?

come costruire un recinto per cani

If, in the end, we think it’s worth building an enclosure for the dog to keep it safe when we can not control it, then we must first understand that it is not something very simple.

We will need some construction materials, depending on whether we decide to build an enclosure with prefabricated box or self-made material.

The most difficult part is the installation of the network, because it requires a bit of familiarity in positioning the poles on the ground, depending on whether you plan to use wooden or iron poles, and if you want to plant them on the ground or cement them.


This video tutorial will be useful if you want to use enclosures to build a fence, using all the materials you need such as cement for the support poles and excavations to bury a network.

Remember that for a dog used to running away and jumping on the nets you will have to provide anti-fugitive networks like these, or decide to cover the roof of the box as well.


come costruire un recinto

How to build a fence

Unfortunately there are many dogs that are used to climbing on fences and often become so skilled in the art of escape that come out even from small openings!


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come costruire un recinto per canicome costruire un recinto per cani

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