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16 September 2018
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How to educate a puppy dog

It ‘s done, finally we made the decision to let a 4-legged friend enter our lives, but before his arrival we are assailed by a thousand doubts: how to educate a puppy?

When those little faces with the sweetest eyes of the world stare at us, it is easy to lose the desire to impart the discipline and rigor necessary to teach them to behave for good.


You already have a puppy, are you looking for one or are you considering whether the figure of the owner is for you?

The experts of Happy Care Magnetotherapy are ready to give you some guidance on how to educate a puppy dog.

Do not pretend to teach dozens of commands or behavior all at once. A few simple things, but transmitted clearly (never with violence of course).

The first desire of every master is to teach his puppy to keep the needs at home, waiting to go out in the garden or during the walk.

At the beginning it is normal that you will not get too dirty; it will be only around the fourth month that it will prevail to resist and control itself. By instinct, know that he will not leave his needy near where he eats or where he sleeps.

Try to observe his behavior and try to identify where and when he tends to get dirty; if we pee him to pee in the wrong place, let’s take it and bring it into space (chosen by us) to do its needs. Little by little you will see that the association will prevail.

Avoid beating or scolding him when he is wrong, be patient the newcomer is disoriented and overloaded with stimuli.

Do not bite. People, shoes and home furniture.

Be inflexible right away this is a behavior to be controlled, especially if we are dealing with large dogs whose bite to people, could become potentially dangerous. Our reactions will have to be firm and decided, so as to make him understand that that behavior is not welcome.

To accustom the puppy avoid playing too aggressively. If despite the efforts the vice does not pass, better consult a professional dog education.


As soon as the 4-legged friend enters the house you must have clear rules on how to educate a puppy dog: the baby is a sponge at this time. Let him know what his spaces are, cuddle him, but do not make him feel like the king of the house, otherwise he will behave like that (often disobeying you). Get accustomed to some loud or sudden noises that could frighten him, in the presence of objects or people who will become constant in his new environment.


Training a puppy dog ​​is a bit like training ourselves to discipline and patience. Take it seriously, but do not take yourself too seriously, teach by playing and not by fear.


The first rule, the most important when you think about how to educate a puppy dog ​​is this: if you teach a young student to have unmotivated fear of you, know that a terrified puppy has an absolutely reduced learning ability.



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