30 October 2018

The healing power of dogs

In this article we will talk about the healing power of dogs; even science, in fact, has shown that a simple cuddle to a dog, makes […]
18 September 2018

Osteomyelitis in cats

The osteomyelitis in the cat is usually classified based on the pathogen present (bacterial or mycotic …), on the localization or on its duration (acute or […]
18 September 2018

How to educate a puppy dog

It ‘s done, finally we made the decision to let a 4-legged friend enter our lives, but before his arrival we are assailed by a thousand […]
26 July 2018

When should one worry if a dog continues to lick?

The mother who licks the puppies since birth is one of the most natural behaviors for dogs, but like all things, there are several reasons why […]