Magnetotherapy and its properties

Magnetotherapy and its properties are known, even if in an empiri-cal way, since ancient times.

Many medical schools, including Chinese and Ayurvedic, have al-ways used the beneficial effects that magnetic fields produce on the body. The first scientifically based studies in the West date back to 1700, while scientific therapeutic practice began in the nineteenth century.
  • degenerative or inflammatory rheumatism (arthritis and arthritis)
  • rehabilitation of bone fractures
  • reduction of disfiguring skin scars
  • bruises, joint sprainsi
  • small muscle-joint injuries
  • injury of the soft parts
  • improvement of the hairy layer

Magnetoteriapia, physiotherapy form

Magnetotherapy is a form of physiotherapy that uses electromag-netic energy. The term Magnetotherapy is sometimes used improp-erly and also extends to the reflex-therapeutic point application of permanent magnets with an intensity of a few hundred Gauss.
With Magnetotherapy, in the strict sense, we mean the therapeutic application of a variable magnetic field: there are stationary and pulsed magnetic fields at high and low frequency which give great results in the treatment of various pathologies.
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