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Dog coat: yes or no?

What is a dog coat?

With the arrival of the cold season, we begin to feel the first humidity and shivers on our skin. So we look at our dog and think if, along the walks, may need a coat for dogs too.

The dog coat is a garment that, with the advent of the modern era and the concept according to which our pets are an integral part of the family, has become more and more widely used for dogs that live in our homes.

There are really many types and sizes, each for every taste, from the simplest to the most pretentious and chic.

In fact we find a lot of choice and really of all types, from those for boys, more essential and suitable colors, to those for dog, with which the producers can indulge in frills, colors and ornaments.

Which dogs should use the dog coat?

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As we said before, the coats are so varied that they can be used for everyone, from a dog of small size to one of giant size. But what kind of dogs is recommended for?


There are some categories of dogs for which the use of the dog coat is recommended and they are:


Nowadays, more and more dogs live in apartments with us, which means that most of the time they are at a temperature of around 20 degrees. When they come out, especially during the harshest winters, they may have to face very cold temperatures with an important thermal difference from the inside.

As we put a coat, even for dogs that live constantly in the apartment it is recommended to use a coat.

But dogs have the hair and undercoat to protect them, why should I use a coat for dogs?

It ‘s true that dogs, we talk about those longhaired and with winter production of undercoat, have a greater protection than us but it is also true that a dog who lives constantly at home will have a cycle out of phase of the production of hair and wetsuit , this because the temperatures of the house will never have a thermal shock as strong as they would find outside.



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How to accustom the dog to the coat?

Once we decided to buy a coat for dogs, we all come home proud with the new gift, sure to find our dog looking at us enthusiastically. Most of the time, however, it is not so because the dog often does not accept so easily to wear the coat as we would like.

How to do then? We should start to associate the coat with a premium better in food, and then gradually put it on him always pressing it.

Usually unless the dog is particularly sensitive, it will be a fairly fast venture.

That said, before buying a coat for dogs will have to take some measures in order to choose in store among the models that can be. You will therefore need to at least measure the length of the back and the chest circumference.

I suggest you choose a good quality coat that does not have parts that can be detached or easily swallowed by the dog.

The prices for the dog coat

The prices of coats may vary significantly, whether you search them in the store or buy them on the internet. Online a good site where we can find the coats at good prices is undoubtedly Amazon.


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