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18 September 2018

How to educate a puppy dog

It ‘s done, finally we made the decision to let a 4-legged friend enter our lives, but before his arrival we are assailed by a thousand […]
16 September 2018

The silence that cures

In this article I would like to talk about psychological recovery in dogs suffering from trauma of abandonment or from prolonged experiences of stays in camp […]
26 July 2018

When should one worry if a dog continues to lick?

The mother who licks the puppies since birth is one of the most natural behaviors for dogs, but like all things, there are several reasons why […]
21 July 2018

Il mio cane scappa: come costruire un recinto per cani

How to build a dog enclosure It could be useful for many to understand how to build a dog enclosure in order to avoid these unwanted […]