5 November 2018

House dogs: what are they and how to find their way around?

We often live in the apartment but the desire to have a dog on our side that shares with us the days remains so much: hence […]
23 October 2018

Dog coat: yes or no?

What is a dog coat? With the arrival of the cold season, we begin to feel the first humidity and shivers on our skin. So we […]
16 September 2018

The silence that cures

In this article I would like to talk about psychological recovery in dogs suffering from trauma of abandonment or from prolonged experiences of stays in camp […]
21 July 2018

Il mio cane scappa: come costruire un recinto per cani

How to build a dog enclosure It could be useful for many to understand how to build a dog enclosure in order to avoid these unwanted […]