Magnetotherapy promotes the acceleration of all self-healing phe-nomena, with an action:


Our equipment

Magnetotherapy is indicated in cases in which it is necessary to stimulate the regeneration of tissues after injurious events of vari-ous kinds. An artificially created magnetic field is able to positively influence biological processes at the points where it exerts its ac-tion. The experience with dogs, cats and other animals has given excel-lent results.

Use and maintenance procedures

Happy care has been designed to be used for veterinary use. De-vices for human use are subject to a more complex certification procedure by the competent ministry. The equipment can be used profitably on pets.
It is advisable to read thethe general warnings carefully for any contraindications.

  • Remove the mat, the covering case, the connecting cable and the magnet unit from the transport case.
  • Stretch out the carpet well.
  • Insert the red magnet unit into its green case.
    (N.B. Please read the general warnings)
  • Connect the colored clips of the cable to the metallic ones of the red carpet (regardless of the color), making sure that they make a good contact.
  • Connect the other end of the cable to the central unit.
  • Insert a 9-volt battery in the central unit: the red LED on the left will light up (both with the carpet connected or without), after 25 se-conds the LED will switch off. HappyCare is ready for use.
  • Turn on the central magnetotherapy unit by pressing the left button (figure 1) for a few seconds. After 3/4 seconds from the release of the button, the red LED on the left will light up (magnet unit on).
  • By pressing the right button for a few seconds, you can select the frequencies (figure 2) of magnetotherapy work. Attention: each time the right button is pressed, the frequency is changed, but it is necessary to spend at least 3/4 seconds between one pressure and the next. The red led on the right (see photo 2) will flash faster the higher the set frequency.
  • If at the start up or during operation the left led once flashes, it means that the battery is being discharged, so it is advisable to re-place it at the end of the treatment.
Hertz based on treatments or pains
160 Hertz: For long-term treatments
312 Hertz: For mild chronic pain
625 Hertz: For persistent chronic pain
1250 Hertz: For acute pain
2500 Hertz: For persistent acute pain
The 9V battery lasts approximately 6 hours of continuous operation. The magnetic therapy unit turns off automatically:

After 25 "ended the therapy
After 25 "the right led is off
After 25 "if not connected to the carpet
(2 fixed light LEDs)

The appliance and the carpet must be stored and stored in a dry place. The green case is not waterproof, but washable by hand or machine at 30 degrees without spinning. The red inner part is wa-terproof and contains copper / silver wires inside, so it is not wash-able, but it can be cleaned with a cloth slightly moistened with wa-ter.

- in case of pregnancy of your animal
- animals with confirmed neoplasm

We also recommend that pacemaker-wearers or pregnant women stay clear of the mat during operation (one meter - one and a half meters)
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